Indigo / Mint / Green
Medium Weight
Size: 71"x38"
Towels are made exclusively with 100 % independently certified organic cotton. They are also hand loomed art pieces that offer versatility: they can be used as beach-bath towel, scarf, sarong, tapestry, rug, yoga mat, home décor and more…


An initial 12-24hr soak* in cold water is recommended as this process allows the cotton to expand and assists it to be highly absorbent. After soaking it’s best to hang the towel to drip dry; alternatively line dry after a gentle spin cycle or tumble dry on low heat.

The more you use and wash your towels the softer and more absorbent they become.


Warm gentle machine wash with a natural laundry detergent keeping separate from items that may catch on loops or tassels (like zips).

Never use fabric softener or bleach. Cool to medium dryer. Do not over dry cotton.


Any loose threads on the thick looped towels should be simply cut off with sharp scissors. It will not harm the towel

Block Turkish Towel